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April Newsletter

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Music & More in the Tasting Room

Saturday, 4/22 What better way to enjoy Earth Day and the beauty of mother nature’s vineyard than with the melodious sound of Renee Ruth Peckham, singer, songwriter and keyboardist from Lynchburg.
2 to 5pm
Sunday, 4/23 Pete Farnham – singer, songwriter and guitarist from Lexington, Va. plays American roots music. Enjoy covers and original compositions from his latest album, New Tricks from an Old Dawg. 2 to 5pm
Sunday, 5/13 Jim and Renee Oliphant of Ragtop return to the tasting room to share their special blend of classic and folk rock, new country and blues and songs from their new album, Rt. 460. 2 to 5pm

Voices of Democracy - After Hours

Sunday, 4/30
5:30 - 7pm
Sharing the knowledge of U.S. experts and institutions to promote peaceful and productive relationships around the world is a long-standing tradition in this country. We are happy to host former Nelson county extension agent Michael Lachance, and his wife, former School Board member, Cindy Lachance, who will present on their involvement overseas with the Farmer to Farmer program, and the importance of international development now and into the future.
Please RSVP your plans to attend to 434-263-8463.
Saturday, 5/13
5:30 - 7pm
International Press Freedom Day is celebrated each year in early May and pays homage to the fundamental importance of free and robust journalism. In honor of that occasion, we are pleased to have Jeff Schapiro, senior journalist and political commentator with the Richmond Times Dispatch, join us for a discussion of the 2016 campaign, the 2017 General Assembly session and what’s shaping up for Governor’s race this year.
Please RSVP your plans to attend to 434-263-8463.
Saturday, 6/17
5:30 - 7pm
On June 15, 1215, the balance of power in England shifted thanks to the Magna Carta, whose principles of liberty informed many subsequent governing documents, including our own U.S. Constitution. A modern day effort to realign power structures in Virginia is that to reform some of the more egregious aspects of gerrymandering election districts. OneVirginia2021 Executive Director Brian Cannon comes to the tasting room to talk about his group’s efforts to achieve nonpartisan redistricting in the state, it’s successes and failures in the 2017 General Assembly session, and prospects for the future.
Please RSVP your plans to attend to 434-263-8463.