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Wine makers often arrange wine festivals to promote their new wine or to celebrate the old ones. Sometimes people celebrate to mark the wine harvesting time. Wine festivals are very common, and it takes place every year. Here are some wine festivals you can participate in.

San Vino Wine Fight Festival

This festival takes place in Spain where the visitors get the opportunity to see the great red wine regions of Spain. You will be completely drenched in wine from head to toe and will have a wonderful time.

You can participate in the wine fight. People use water pistols, buckets or other things to throw wine at other festival goers.

The wine that is used are those that were not good enough to be bottled for selling. So, you won’t be wasting wine. The wine on the ground will become a fertilizer for the vineyard. You can set up camps and enjoy a great time tasting new wines.

Boston Wine Expo

You will get the opportunity to taste thousands of wines from different wineries from around the world. Here you will be able to attend seminars of wine making, meet the top wine makers and learn about wine.


You will get to visit the International Wine Garden and taste the local wines. There will also be a grape stomping contest. You will learn from various demonstrations how to cook various foods with wine.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

It’s a long festival where you can taste hundreds of different kinds of wines for weeks. You will get the chance to meet famous chefs and wine producers.

Grape Harvest Festival Argentina

The festival is full of parties and lovely parades. You can visit the nearby vineyards and taste different wines. There will be music and dancing too.

Vienna Wine Hike

There are lots of vineyards in Vienna. Most of these vineyards are closed to visitors, but during some particular days of the year, they are open to people. You can walk through the beautiful vineyards and see what types of grapes are grown and taste the local wines.

These events give you the opportunity to learn about the different types of wines around the world. You can visit beautiful vineyards and meet wine producers to hear their story.