Red Wines

Democracy Vineyards Suffrage

Suffrage 2014

This dry, yet fruit forward Chambourcin displays deep notes of dark berries and ripe fruit. A Virginia Governor’s Cup Silver Medal Winner.

Democracy Vineyards Freedom

Freedom 2014

This Pinotage varietal is characterized by a fruit filled nose and lingering finish of plum in a lighter treatment of the grape.

Democracy Vineyards Magna Carta

Magna Carta 2014

A deep, bold red with notes of dried fruit, berry jam, and black pepper. Aged in New Hungarian Oak for a toasty finish.

Democracy Vineyards Velvet Revolution

Velvet Revolution 2014

Our signature dry red blend: ripe berry aromas dominate this complex, robust wine with a spicy finish.

37% Petit Verdot, 25% Merlot, 25% Pinotage, 13% Chambourcin

White Wines

Democracy Vineyards Constitution

Constitution 2015

A dry Viognier with a nice acidity and wonderful floral tones.

85% Viognier, 15% Petit Manseng
Democracy Vineyards Unum


A dry Petit Manseng, aged in older barrels for subtle hints of oak and vanilla, aromas of pineapple and fresh pear leap from the glass

100% Petit Manseng

Sweet and fruit Wines

Democracy Vineyards Repbublic

Republic 2015

A sweet white wine with opening aromas of citrus and a tropical finish. The sweetness is balanced by a natural bright acidity.

100% Petit Manseng
Democracy Vineyards Village View Gold Apple Wine

Village View Gold

Our Apple wine delights with fresh aromas, and a balance between smooth sweetness and bright acidity. Made from locally sourced and pressed fruit, this wine celebrates Nelson County’s history as an apple producing region.

Stayman and Golden Delicious
Democracy Vineyards Dawns Light

Dawn's Light 2015

A sweet varietal rosé. Cherry pie aromas with a strawberry finish. Classic rosé color.

100% Merlot
Democracy Vineyards Campaign

Campaign 2014

A versatile sweet red wine. Notes of blackberry with a dark chocolate finish highlight the traditional robust character of Chambourcin. May be served chilled, at room temperature, or mulled.

100% Chambourcin

Dessert Wine

Democracy Vineyards Parliament

Parliament 2011

A classic red dessert wine. Petit Verdot hints at dried fruit with a finish of black pepper. Full bodied with many port like characteristics.

100% Petit Verdot

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